Sunday School  9 am

Sunday Morning Worship 10 am

Wednesday Evening Bible Study 6:30 pm

Sunday Morning Worship 

AGM Sunday morning worship begins at 10 am and lasts approximately 1 – 1/2 hours.  Most people dress up a little, but it is a comfortable atmostphere.


When you enter the sanctuary, you will be greeted and given a bulletin which includes the weekly announcements. Please sit wherever you like. There will be a welcome, opening prayer, call to worship and an opening song. Often there is a vocal solo and an “encouraging word” given by a member of the congregation.


This is a time when tithes and offerings are received by ushers. Members are given the opportunity to give. Guests should not feel any pressure to give.

Worship in Song

Usually before the sermon, there is a time of worship in song. Our music is a blend of traditional and contempory.  We worship in different ways. Some sing and clap, others quietly reflect on words being sung. The congregatoin is encouraged to participate as they feel comfortable.

Children’s Church

Following the song service, the children of our congregation are dismissed from the sanctuary to explore God’s Word through an age-appropriate worship service conducted in the Children’s Church classroom.

Sermon and Dismissal

The pastor (or occasionally a guest speaker) brings a message which is followed by a response and then the dismissal usually by one of our deacons. It is our prayer that the service will encourage us all to enjoy a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ.


Wednesday Evening Study (except in July)

Each Wednesday evening the congregation meets for a time of Christian education. The youth meet for youth service which includes a lesson geared toward their interests. This sometimes includes snacks and games. The adults remain in the sanctuary for a Bible lesson presented by the pastor or one of our teachers. This is an informal service with a time for worship in song, for prayer requests to be shared and prayer time.